Gaming is a great and thrilling activity. And if you feel lucky enough, you might want to start betting with real money. A lot of players go through these games without having issues but you have a number of players who cannot control themselves when it comes to gambling. And we all know it is important to play responsibly and reasonably.

Compulsive Gamblers

A compulsive gambler is one that goes to extremes just because he/she wants to gamble. It becomes a disorder as they go as far as risking their jobs, changing their behaviors and characters, borrowing money and being totally incapable of staying away, even for a day.

Limiting Your Activity

With the loss limit feature, a player can input the maximum amount they can lose for a specified period of time. You can change this but it has effects:

More restrictive changes on your loss limits have an immediate effect

Less restrictive changes on your loss limit have an effect after 48 hours.

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